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Last Name: last_name

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Nationality: nationality

Academic grade: academic_grade

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How did you reach us: how_did_you_reach_us

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Institutional Officer Name: institutional_officer_name

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Preferred Spanish Host Institution:

p_1  Spanish National Biotechnology Center

p_1  Institute of Photonic Sciences

p_1  Institute of Mathematical Sciences

p_1  Centre for Genomic Regulation

p_1  Barcelona Graduate School of Economics

p_1  Vall d’Hebron Institut de Recerca

p_1  Institute for Neuroscience

p_1  Kronikgune Research Center

p_1  Biocruces

p_1  DeustoTech

Letter of Interest (max. 1 page):  letter_adjunto

Full curriculum vitae: cv_adjunto

PhD Diploma: phd_diploma

Letter of pre-approval of research proposal by the prospective host center: letter_pre_approval

Brief but concise description of the project to be developed in the Spanish host centre: description

Project title: project_title


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